Digital Strategy

Aligning your business needs to your online presence.

A Good Plan Solves A Problem. A Bad Plan Will Create One.

A good digital strategy provides a solid foundation for any website and its growth. Whether you would like to increase brand recognition, increase leads or sell products, we can compose a plan to serve as the roadmap for your solution.

MJWebs strives to understand the needs of your business both in the present and well into the future to ensure that we are implementing a solution that perfectly fits in with the evolution of your business needs.

Our Process

All problems are not made equal, but here are the typical steps we use when approaching a new project.


Identify Key Goals

- Reasons for Digital Presence
- Business Needs (On-line and Off-line)
- Investment


- Competitors
- SEO Keywords
- Demographic Targeting

Establish Roadmap

- Relationship of Solution to Business
- Predict Changing Business Needs

Determine Success Factors

- Identify Ways to Measure Success