Managed Hosting

with WordPress

MJWebs provides a bullet-proof WordPress platform in the cloud protecting your site against hacking, security vulnerabilities, data loss and downtime.

How it Works

Elastic Infrastructure

Unlike traditional hosting where you are allocated a dedicated host, MJWebs provisions server resources to your WordPress site as viewer engagement increases. This ensures that the demands of traffic spikes are met with no downtime or reduction of server response time and most importantly no lost business. Best of all, this process happens automatically behind the scenes.


Get help with the ongoing maintenance and content creation of your site.

Daily Backups

Backups are made daily of your site to allow for easy rollback if anything goes wrong.

HTTPS Encryption

Use of HTTPS (SSL) is provided for your domain to ensure end-to-end encryption and a higher SEO ranking.

No Downtime

Never worry about your site crashing during peak usage periods.

Super-Fast Servers

Your site is distributed accross servers globally and ensuring response time is always very fast.

Security Monitoring

Your WordPress infrastructure is monitored 24/7 for security threats.

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