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MJWebs is known for the most beautiful, brand-aligned web designs in Sydney, Australia. We make stellar websites™ aligned to your business goals.

What is web design?

Web Design is the process of using layout, typography, content, images and metadata to create a functional digital marketing platform for a business of brand.

Beautiful Web Design in Sydney That Grows Your Business.

At MJWebs, we create premium web design with a focus on exhibiting the traits of your brand that make it authentic. Our responsive and brand-aligned designs are made to help you stand out and target key business goals. An extensive discovery process is undertaken by our team to determine typography, colour palettes, layout, navigation, information architecture and content.

Our team works proactively to identify and plan opportunities to increase originality and attractiveness of your service offerings and improve on-page conversions, such as photography or custom functionality.

Web Design Process

End-to-end delivery without cutting corners.

01. Strategy

We learn about your brand and determine key goals for the project and how we can measure them.

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Goal Setting

02. Design

We translate your goals and brand into a web design solution, providing you with updates and ideas at each step.

  • Live Mockup
  • Feedback Cycle
  • Testing

03. Launch

We get everything ready for initial deployment such as compressing all images and configuring our fast servers.

  • Provisioning
  • Compression
  • User Acceptance

04. Assessment

After launching the new solution and measure success, provide an assessment and make adjustments.

  • Meeting
  • Correction
  • Training

We Keep Everyone on the Same Page.

MJWebs uses Basecamp 3 for all resources, due dates, ideas and files pertaining to this project and any other projects.

We love to obsessively document our ideas and keep the project on track by storing everything in a cohesive fashion. We’re sure you’ll find working with us a breeze and enjoy the process!

Easily Manage Content with WordPress.

MJWebs Managed WordPress provides you with the flexibility of making your own changes to your website without having to touch any code. We build custom themes to meet your business needs but ensure you are never “locked in” to our services.

If you are using our fast managed web hosting, you will also have a secure staging environment for your website to make content changes over time without affecting the live website design.

Why Should I Invest in Quality Web Design?

Although there is an increasing number of “web designers” and “web design services” with exceedingly low rates, most websites on the internet fail to actually convert traffic and grow your business.

For any industry, a high-quality custom website design is hugely important to attracting potential customers and earning their trust. Investing in a website for your business with MJWebs will dramatically increase conversion rates and build a strong online presence for your brand.

Why not Wix or Squarespace?

It’s true, with a large number of “website builder” solutions on the internet, almost anybody can design a website and host it online in 2019. Website builders are awesome for some people – in certain situations we actually recommend these to our clients.

If you have a brand looking for traction, growth or custom functionality will find limited customisability with a website builder and instead should consider a custom web design and utilise a professional team such as MJWebs. Using a website builder also decreases the performance of your website and is not suitable for traffic at scale.


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