Custom Web Development

Does your business need a custom web application? MJWebs is your partner in custom development and systems architecture.

High Quality Software Tailored to Your Business.

MJWebs can help you achieve end-to-end project delivery and meet your business goals faster.

  • Business Case
    Determine the feasibility of project and goals.
  • Concept Development
    We develop mockups and ideas on how the application will work.
  • API Development
    We develop core backend functionality.
  • UI Design & Development
    We develop applications to consume the API such as web, iOS and Android.

MJWebs is RESTful.

Our backend architecture provides your application with a heightened degree of scalability, agility and automation.

We design specialised applications by first building a core RESTful API service that performs the core application functions. A REST API produces a secure layer of abstraction between the user interface and backend allowing for multiple “clients”.

Business Strategy

Anything we write is stored in source control and deployed using continuous integration pipelines.

  • Research
  • Fixed Cost
  • No Equity


Our applications are comprised of smaller “sub-modules” that enable your application to scale.

  • API-Driven
  • Laravel/Flask
  • Scalable Workers


We document any concepts, code and infrastructure so we are always on the same page.

  • Document Management
  • Integration Guides
  • Deployment Guides

Intellectual Property

We respect your intellectual property and sign a mutual NDA to keep your ideas and business safe.

  • Mutual NDA
  • Secure Storage
  • Full Ownership

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of secure commands allowing applications to communicate interchangeably. APIs often power integrations and connectivity of multiple user interfaces to a single backend (e.g. iPhone app).

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Free Meeting

We offer a free 30-minute consultation either over the phone or in person to learn about your business and the goals you are trying to reach.

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Why Should You Invest in Quality Custom Web Development?

In some cases, off the shelf software is insufficient to solve your ongoing business operational needs. Although tempting, opting for a lower cost development team (e.g. overseas) may satisfy your immediate project scope, however, later on, will introduce irreparable integration and security problems.

Hiring a high-quality development team ensures improved application performance, maintainability, documentation and support. MJWebs will research your exact business use case and determine if an existing solution may be a good fit before proceeding with the project.