Managed Web Hosting

Ready To Scale When You Are.

Web Hosting by MJWebs is purpose-built for scale. We manage your fleet of virtual servers and allow you to reach your audience and make sales no matter how much traffic.

Super Fast

Average page load times under 500ms. That’s really fast.


Protection against DDoS, attacks and malicious users.

Global CDN

Content delivery from 154+ locations around the world.

Personal Support

Speak to a real person anytime you need an extra hand.

Make More Mistakes. Grow Faster.

Have the peace of mind of making on-going changes to a staging environment before going live.



What Makes Our Managed Web Hosting Different?

MJWebs incorporates all things that comprise your online presence and manage everything with an integrated approach. Every aspect of your online presence is managed and cared for with personal, strategic attention so you can focus on your business.

Our Process
Core Features
  • Multi-cloud deployment
  • DNS Hosting and Management
  • Compliance with Data Sovereignty Policy
  • SSL Certificate
  • Edge Caching (CDN)
  • Domain Name Registration & Renewal
  • Automated Backup & Restore
  • Uptime & Performance Monitoring
  • Regular Software Updates

Can You Afford Slow Page-Load Times?

According to HubSpot, 79% of visitors who experienced unsatisfactory load times are less likely to purchase from that website again.

5 Great Reasons To Avoid Shared Hosting

November 10, 2018 by Mitch Musarra

I have developers in my team. Can they have access to servers?

Completely depends on the nature of the solution. If there is a valid requirement for an individual outside of MJWebs to require direct access then we will facilitate this, however, govern how the system is accessed. For example, we will provide a VPN connection to prevent the need for opening up access to the internet.

How are backend pages secured, such as WordPress Admin?

We use Cloudflare Access to protect access to all backend applications. Generally, we configure access based on a client’s IP range or email domain (if using G Suite). Check out our own wp-admin page as an example!

What CDN Do We Use?

We use AWS Cloudfront or Cloudflare CDN (or a combination of both if the solution is using a multi-cloud failover plan).

No Hidden Fees

You will only ever be charged the amount specified in the contract. There are no multipliers based on your bandwidth usage (or any other metric).

Cancel Anytime

If you ever need to cancel or change to another provider we can facilitate this at no extra cost.

Work with a goal-oriented, creative and technical agency.

Let’s Transform Your Business.